In the interests of enhancing networking opportunities for attendees at MITEF events, we will a offer a new feature. In addition to the main table for MITEF and sponsor handouts, we will provide a separate table in the registration area or meeting room labeled "Attendee/Networking Handouts (open to all attendees, no endorsement by MITEF implied)."

The intent is that this might provide a way for attendees to promote their projects and make contact with other attendees, with materials that are relevant to the sessions and likely to be of interest to attendees.

Policies (subject to review and adjustment):

  • Space will be limited and pre-allocation of table space requests must be approved in advance, as described below.
  • Any paying attendee or member will be eligible to leave one stack of items, subject to review/approval by MITEF.
  • Items must be relevant to the session topic and/or to general technology entrepreneurship.
  • Items may relate to projects, ventures, services, industry information sources, and/or non-competing events.
  • Items may not include job-seeking resumes (but may include offerings of consulting services).
  • This special table will be separate from the table for MITEF and sponsor information (which is limited to pre-authorized items).
  • Pre-approval of table space requests (limit of one per attendee): Must be approved by sending a request to no later than 3 days before the event, noting which event, and listing the type of handout and number of copies.
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